Vitro Cristalglass and Dream Glass sign a cooperation agreement
  • Both companies sign a distribution agreement to distribute Intelligent Glass / Privacy Glass in Spain

DreamGlass® allows for the desired privacy level at any moment.

Vitro Cristalglass, Vitro’s affiliate in Europe, has signed a cooperation agreement with Dream Glass to distribute, in Spain, its range of Intelligent Glass / Privacy Glass from this company that specializes in high technology glass products.

“With this agreement we will reach the true potential for commercialization of the DreamGlass® product line through new projects in which the prestige and capacity of both companies complement each other to cover a broader range of possible projects”, affirms Alberto Gómez Cruzado, Marketing Manager for Vitro Cristalglass.

DreamGlass® is a novel and revolutionary product that allows for the attainment of the level of desired privacy at any moment.

Since its introduction, it has transformed the glass industry in Spain and the world. Its composition consists of a liquid crystal polymer that changes its visual appearance when an electric current is activated.

“The applications for DreamGlass® are numerous, although its greatest utility is for ambiance separation by giving instantaneous privacy. Likewise our glass protects homes from ultraviolet rays as long as its construction is of a double pane thermal format. It is a polyvalent product that can be used for interiors and exteriors”, assures us Marcello Bellini of Dream Glass.

This product is ideal for open spaces within the home and office. Within the office it assures instant privacy between office work areas and designated meeting rooms.

Through this agreement we will assure broader market coverage throughout the country while, at the same time, we strengthen our leadership position in the privacy glass market.

Dream Glass S.L. is a company that forms part of Intercomet (established in Spain in 1982) specializing in “High Tech” glass products that offer the most innovative solutions in decoration and construction through the manufacture of a broad range of intelligent (privacy) glass and laminated decorative glass made to order.

Vitro Cristalglass forms part of the Vitro Flat Glass business unit and is the market leader in the conversion, distribution and commercialization of thermal glass for the construction industry in Spain and Portugal. It also has operations in France.

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